Install a beautiful walkway of Flagstones in a weekend

Spring time, time to get out the lawn mower, weed eater, leaf blower, and all the garden tools. But all that walking back and forth to the storage shed has started to make a worn path in the grass. What to do? How about a nice walkway featuring flagstones?

A walkway of flagstones is not only a simple home improvement project that you and your better half can take on yourselves for a weekend project, but it is also an attractive accent to your home. But wait, I just know someone out there is asking, what’s a flagstone?

What are Flagstones?

Flagstones are a natural sedimentary stone that is commonly used for walkways and patios, border walls and even roof tiles, and wall decoration; although for the latter two, slate is most often used. Due to its natural tendency to cleave into thin, flat stones along the natural sedimentary layers, it is an ideal material for walkways and patios.
How do you install a walkway of flagstones?

Be forewarned, installing a flagstone walkway or patio will require some level of exertion and physical labor, you will likely work up a sweat.

These instructions are merely a generalization to give you an idea of what you will be getting into should you decide to partake of this endeavor, more specific instructions should be sought before beginning your project.


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Customized Home Improvement Comp

All homeowners at some point or the other will look at the prospect of improving the appearance or functionality of their home.

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However, a home renovation for most is a daunting prospect as the time that has to be dedicated can be overwhelming.

Furthermore, the worries concerning the hiring of an affordable, trustworthy and capable contractor may deter most homeowners from starting, as they are fearful that they will be left with an incomplete or an improperly done renovation costing them more than they can afford and leaving your house a permanent construction zone.

Yes, there are many horror stories, all very credible, but the TFIN custom home builders serving GTA are here to quell any of the fears that you may have.

The TFIN group of contractors are based in Oakville in Ontario, Canada, with 24 years proven years of experience of being a designer and build contractor. TFIN is a member of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, BILD GTA, RenoMark, The Oakville Chamber of Commerce, and as a registered Better Business Bureau company, which lends the company legitimacy and provides many avenues for a disgruntled customer to air their grouses.

However, this would not be necessary as TFIN prides itself on offering first class service and will assist the customer from conception to completion.

As a homeowner, your scepticism will soon subside as they have a vast portfolio of both home and commercial renovations that you are able to peruse.

In addition, you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief as they are fully licensed and insured up to $2million dollars and so all operations are legal leaving you with a peace of mind in the event that there is an incident.

Home renovations can be expensive, especially depending on the areas of the home that you are trying to complete; with the process being paying for a design to be drafted, go through the bidding process and then actually building.

TFIN sees that as too laborious for you to get the house of your dreams. Why do you need to be continuously hiring individuals which further increase your anxiety? In an interest to save you valuable time and money, they have an integrated design and build model which has 10 simple steps, which are expedited as you are just dealing with one project manager till the completion of the project.

This ensures that all your needs are communicated along a linear line and that you can always point to who is accountable in the case of a discrepancy.
TFIN takes the hassle away from its costumers and full manage the whole construction process. Whether you are looking to renovate your kitchen, bathroom, basement or even an addition to your home, they have the general contractors who will see to it that the relevant drawings are submitted to acquire the requisite permits.

All that is needed from the homeowner is for them to describe their vision and the TFIN team of architects and contractors will make their house the exact replica of that vision. There is no need to worry about your getting the best values for your money as they also, ensure proper budget management.

Providing first class service it is no wonder that they are one of the top rated firms and have gotten rave reviews from customers. Why go with a firm that you have never heard of or is not affiliated with any professional bodies in the field.

TFIN provides the full range of services for your home renovation and complete relieves you of the stresses that can occur and by finding innovative and cost effective solutions to any issue that arises during construction. TFIN is not a one stop shop but your only stop to ensure that the work is done properly, efficiently and quickly.

Priding itself on ensuring that the customer is always pleased you will be surprised at how house will be transformed, increasing in value because of the quality of the work that was done. As a homeowner, you have invested so much in your house and TFIN understands that and want nothing more than you getting the highest returns possible by doing your renovations in a manner no less than high end, but for the most competitive price.